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At least three Swedish bands named Korp, including:
1. Swedish black/thrash metal band from Bollnäs, formed in 1995 as black/thrash band Nocturnal. They released two demos under that name: "Death Is Waiting For You" in August 1995 and "Nocturnal" in December 1995. They then changed names to Demogorgon and released another demo, "Och döden förde dem till sitt rike" (1996). After changing the name again to Korp, they released one demo in 1996, followed up with debut album "Demon - Reborn" in 1999, and second album "Thorns of Centuries Unfold" in 2001 both on VOD records. They aren't active - the last news from the band was they were looking for their 2001-2002 studio recording ("we have them but it´s a few years ago, we will find the...

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