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The Diamond Man Clan

Hola Ghost (DK)

After his last US-tour with Danish psychobilly band NEKROMANTIX in 2004 guitar player Peter Sandorff was hanging out in Los Angeles having beers with his friend, graphic artist GRIS GRIMLY. They decided that Gris should make a movie about cannibals and Peter should write the music. Peter immediately called his old friend Jeppe B. Jessen who also used to be the bass player in their postrock band SCHWARZWALD LIBRARY in the 90's.

They agreed to do the film-music together and in order to get composing rolling right away, they started looking for a drummer. Passing by a pawnshop in Long Beach next day, Peter saw a Roland TR 606 drum machine in the window. He had heard that it was a good and cheap choice, so he went inside to ask ab...

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