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Baltimoore is a Swedish rock band, lead by Swedish singer Björn Lodin. Lodin was originally approached by Electra Records in 1987 to record a solo album, but Lodin opted to use the moniker Baltimoore rather than his own name.

In 1992, Lodin relocated to Åland, Finland, where he met Bulgarian-born guitarist Nikolo Kotzev. They joined forces for two Baltimoore albums, Double Density and Thought for Food. Due to personal and musical differences, Kotzev left the band in 1994 to start his own project, Brazen Abbot.

Baltimoore was then on hiatus until 2000, when Lodin resurfaced with Original Sin. He would move back to Sweden the same year.

In 2006, the band ended its relationship with Finnish record label Lion...

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There are multiple artists or bands known as Flashback:

1) Flashback is an a cappella group from Los Angeles, composed of James Charles, Anthony Gargiula, Elizabeth Gaba, Zoe D'Andrea, Reno Selmser, and Noah Davis.

2) A Czech metal band with electronic influences.

3) An unknown producer/group that hail from Chicago, IL, drawing influences from classic 80's television, drug trips, and Carl Sagan. A small handful of dark, synth-heavy releases have been posted on blogs, and an EP is rumored on their Bandcamp website.

4) one-off alias for DJ Delfy on his 2002 remix of "Who is Who - Extasia" Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; addition...

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