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Mike Krol (US)

Mike Krol, lately of Los Angeles, has mostly been a bridesmaid. Until now. With the release of I HATE JAZZ, Krol dons the white dress, walks the aisle, and steps up to the altar. That metaphor mercifully played out, we commence with the specifics. From the Midwest (Madison, WI) to the East Coast (New Haven, CT) to the West Coast, Krol has been drummer (Whatfor, Time Since Western), fill in guitarist/roadie (Sleeping in the Aviary), graphic designer (Elden Calder, National Beekeepers Society, Icarus Himself, Invade Rome, Science of Sound, The Frequency), and persona grata among an ever-growing web of aesthetic comrades. But now the spotlight is his; I HATE JAZZ, recorded mostly in Minneapolis and mixed mostly on a crappy computer in Conne...

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