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Ninsun Poli

Ninsun Poli is a soul artist who has been an active songwriter and singer for several years. She is an Assyrian girl, born and raised in Botkyrka (a suburb of Stockholm). She describes her own music as soul/r'n'b, which is her own favourite type of music, but she has grown up with all types of music around her, including Assyrian music.

Ninsun writes most of the material herself but works a lot with her brother Nabu Poli (Clee and Drank-a-Lot from The Luniz, Humpty Hump, Mili Mili). The EP "For Real", was recorded in Los Angeles during the summer of 2005 with musicians who have collaborated with artists such as Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston and Diana Ross.

She made her first live appearance with her band at the Hu...

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