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Broken Water (US)

"Sometimes "nice" records just don't cut it and Broken Water knows that sometimes you need to chew gravel to spit blood. This is one for the damaged." -raven sings the blues 6/28/12

conceived in olympia, wa 2008.

s/t demo cdr, 2009 - self released
"Boyfriend Hole" 7", 2009 - self released
s/t demo cassette, 2010 - night people
"Whet" LP/CD, 2010 - night people/radio is down/LP re-issue on perennial
"Normal Never Happened" 7", 2010 - fan death
"Peripheral Star" EP/CD, 2011 - perennial/radio is down
"Seaside & Sedmikrasky" LP, 2012 - self released
"Tempest" LP/CD, 2012 - hardly art

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