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There are at least four artistes with the name 'Joni'.

1. An electro synthpop artiste.

2. An electro/techno artiste from Sweden, known for the track 'Nu Ska vi Valsa', which was featured in the 2004 'Djur and Mir Recordings' compilation 'Every Djur and Every Mir'.

3. A bass player associated with the hardcore/punk Dutch band 'Absconded'.

4. A name variation of Swedish trance producer/DJ Joni Ljungqvist who has had one release in this name - 'Things I Never Tell You', in March 2007. This progressive trance style production was released under the 'Alter Ego Digital' label along with remixes from Signalrunners, Serenade, Matthew Adams & Dennis Feldman and Motion Child. Read more on . User...

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