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The Test Pilots

Los Plantronics (NO)

They call their music ‘Mariachi Death Surf’, but it’s so much more. Spaghetti westerns (inc. horns), Link Wray twang, tex mex, Cramps, exotica, and garagepunk are all tossed into one redhot stew, and one third of the tunes features vocals from their masked drummer, one badass dude!

A stunning blend of electrified swamp-R&B, garage-soul-boogaloo, rockabilly, mariachi madness, Stax instrumentals, blaxploitation sounds, surf guitars and spaghetti tunes, it features some x-tra ordinary contributions from BENDIK BRÆNNEs celebrated horn section, space-surf guitars from guitar virtuoso EIVIND STAXRUD, animalistic voodoo groove from SLIM SLAMMER, low bass-frequences from LARS ERIK LARSEN (which hits you where it hurts) and primal fuzz...

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