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The Test Pilots

Los Plantronics (NO)

A “Global Surf-Orchestra-A-Go-Go” experience; featuring jaw-dropping wild guitars, exotic organs, swooping strings, outlaw bandido brass, blasting sax, savage jungle drums, sizzling percussion, weird melodies, and most of all: - intoxicating moments where raw passion & personality meets a red hot production! Surfing Times (a adventures surf-related concept album), -is a head spinning trip from berzerk surf to crooning mariachi tunes; - there are instrumentals & vocals alike in a program that will just wipe you out! Surf Psychosis & Mariachi Madness?? AMEN!!!

Counterculture: SURF INSTRUMENTALS - “one of the coolest and smallest subgenre ever!” - Julian Cope.

On “Surfing Times”, the Oslo based raucous 9-piece orches...

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