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Bring Us Home

Introductory self-portrayal in 2014: ''Hello! We're Bring Us Home! We're 4 guys between 14-16 years old! Bring Us Home started as an metalcore band 2012 in Örebro, Sweden! From us you will hear: Breakdowns, nice melodic stuff, synths, screams and clean vocals lyrics: There is no turning back! How can we ever forgive or forget, what we have done to earth? Can we change anything? Or is it to late? Look at yourselfes, and what you have done. So many unnecessary lives, has been taken away. Soon you'll open your eyes, you'll see and realise! That our world is in wrong hands, open your eyes! Burn all of you, our earth will never be the same. 2x Everything they said would happen has happened. The clock is ticking, there is no second chances! Pr...

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Nick Serlstedt - Vocals
Daniel Lundgren - Clean vocals
Ludvig Ottosson - Bass
Fabian Paulsson - Drums
Oscar Dziedziela - Guitar
Bastian Kalthoff - Guitar

Genre: Metalcore

Hometown: Malmö Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Awake the Dreamer

Awake The Dreamer started on 1 October 2015 as a fast growing band in the youth of their own evolution. The Stockholm based current quartet is on the verge to explode out there and one could really say that the future definately lies ahead of these young fellas.

The band are set to release yet another single this year to follow up the success of the latest one "Grow" (taken from the self-released latest EP with the same name). With the genuine and true hardcore voice of frontman Max Andrén, energetic supertalented drummer Fabian Fagerberg and twinlike tight guitarist brothers Alex Backman and Oscar Järn we welcome you to take part of the Awake The Dreamer saga;

Things are just about to start!


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