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Donny Dajl


There are at least 3 bands with the name of Squad.

1. Dark techno artist

2. Squad - A Punk Rock band from Coventry England who released the Red Alert & £8 A Week singles in 1978/ 1979. They also had a track on the "Sent From Coventry" Punk / New Wave compilation LP. They were led by singer Gus Chambers who died accidentally on the 13th October 2008. RIP Gus.

3. Since it's inception (1987), Squad was destined to fill an important place in the chilean extreme scene from the eighties, due to the great music; a mix of punk, thrash elements and layered with deathy vocals, and second in importance, the lyrics , that described in cheesy humor ( yes, there were some anti-nuclear tunes!),some important issues f...

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