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Soreption is a Swedish Technical Death Metal band. Having razor sharp technical riffs and schizophrenic time signatures topped with catchy chugging grooves and intense vocals, they have created their signature sound not yet replicated by any other modern band. For fans of Decapitated, Aeon, and Necrophagist.

Their debut album Deterioration of minds, mixed and produced at Sidelake Studios,Sweden by
Tommy and Chris Rehn from ANGTORIA. New album coming in summer 2013.

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Terminal Function

Originally formed in 1998, guitarist Stefan Aronsson and drummer David Lindkvist decided to form technical metal band Terminal Function with the vision of creating challenging and extreme music.

With the addition of guitarist Mikael Almgren and vocalist Victor Larsson, the vision expanded to a much larger horizon, and they've since found their own unique approach in creating and executing technical metal.

In late 2007, American label Willowtip signed Terminal Function and will be releasing their debutalbum "MEASURING THE ABSTRACT" in November 2008.

Discography :

Time Bending Patterns Demo, 2002
Time Bending Patterns 2003 Demo, 2003
The Brainshaped Mind Demo, 2004

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