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Rednex is a group formed in Sweden, known for mixing pop and Eurodance sounds with elements of country, folk and bluegrass. The group enjoyed success throughout the 1990s with novelty hits such as "Cotton Eye Joe", "Old Pop in an Oak", "The Spirit of the Hawk" and "Wish You Were Here".

Rednex are also known for their several, controversial line-up changes. The group originally consisted of the Annika Ljungberg (Mary Joe), Kent Olander (Bobby Sue), Arne Arstrand (Ken Tacky), Jonas Nilsson (Billy Ray) and Patrick Edenberg (Mup). Edenberg would soon be replaced as a group member by Urban Landgren (BB Stiff). In 1996, female lead singer Annika Ljungberg was fired, partly due to disagreements with the other band members, and repla...

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