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Seven-headed Mylla, started in early 2005, are part of the "neopsychedelic prog-rock scene of Stockholm". Members have played with Dungen, The Works, and Vox Vulgaris.

The band consists of a bunch of friends and is a mix of experienced musicians and some that never has stood on a stage before Mylla was formed. Just as you invite friends to a feast so has Mylla also invited several friends to contribute to the to the album, among others Gustav Ejstes from Dungen and the word artist Lasse Fabel.

Mylla consists of: Choban, who plays bass guitar. Swahno, who plays electric guitar. Sebbe, who plays acoustic guitar and sing. Roban plays organ and sing. Psychedelic Eric plays flute. Krippa plays drums. Bockarn plays piano ...

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