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Andreas Mattsson

Andrew Matthews is a Swedish musician, songwriter and singer (born 10 April 1967 in Pitea, Norrbotten).

Between 1992 and 1999, Matthews was the lead singer of Swedish indie pop band "Popsicle". In early 2006, he debuted solo with the critically acclaimed album, "Andreas Mattsson - The lawlessness of the ruling classes".

Along with "Atomic Swing" vocalist Niclas Frisk, Matthews makes up the soul band "Sweet Chariots", and has previously released the album "Beat Based / Song Centered / Spirit Led". In addition, Andrew Matthews joined the band "Vanessa & The O's".


Andreas Mattsson är en svensk musiker, låtskrivare och sångare (född 10 april 1967 i Piteå, Norrbotten).

Mellan 1992 och...

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