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Men on the Border

Men On The Border was started as a project inspired by the music and art of Roger Keith ”Syd” Barrett. Their first album was Shine!, a CD of interpretations of songs by Syd Barrett, and original artwork.

Their second album, Jumpstart, was released in December 2013. It includes two songs by Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett and one song by Olle Ljungstrom; the remainder of the songs were written by Men on the Border. What do they say about their new work?

"In transit. Intrinsic. The path you're on. But for how long. To pull the handle. The one way out. The pulling of the pin. Stopping. Stepping aside. Into the new. Into headlights. By a bolt of energy. The Jumpstart. The leaving behind. The old. For the river to claim. A ne...

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