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Pedja Medenica (RS)

Saban Saulic (RS)

Šaban Šaulić was born on 6 May 1951 in Sabac, Serbia, Yugoslavia. He is a well-known Serbian singer, extremely popular with fans of Balkan music in all of the former Yugoslavia. He is a follower of Islam. His beloved mother Ilduza Demirović is originally from Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He spent a lot of time with his family in Bijeljina. Šaulić was throned " King of Folkmusic" in his early career. He is married to Gordana and they have three children; Sanela Šaulić, Ilduza (Ilda) Šaulić and Mihajlo Šaulić. Ilda Šaulic is a known tennis player. In 1993, Ilda participated in the world largest women's professional tennis tournament. Sanela is married to a popular soccer player from Serbia. Šaban has also another son who is not from ...

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