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ABACUS is surely a big name for everyone interested in rock music. There are five artists with the name Abacus. 1. An American Rock 'n Roll/Punk band. 2. A German progressive rock band. 3. A British glam-rock band. 4. An electronica artist. 5. A powerviolence/hardcore punk

1: An American Rock 'N Roll/Punk band founded by singer/lyricist Jim Nobodie in 2009. After about two years of playing with the first incarnation (the band on 404) it was shortly disbanded but later reformed in 2011 with a heavier sound and stronger line up. Now ABaCuS is poised to take the world by storm, leaving whatever stands in their way broken and mangled. With their "take no prisoners" attitude, they are surely a band to reckoned with. "What have we...

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