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The Jackpots

Years active: 1966-1968

A '60s Swedish psychedelic pop band who are featured on Rubble and made this one fabbo collection of singles that includes their dreamy version of Nirvana's "Tiny Goddes" plus the tripped out classic pop psike gem "Jack In The Box" and a strong version of "Walk Like A Man".

The Jackpots made two albums, in 1967 and 1968. They became more popular in Belgium and Denmark.
The Jackpots also sang in 4-voice harmonies, something as can heard in "Jack In The Box", where backwards recording techniques were used, which for that time, has a very impressive sound.

Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart, later 10cc, contributed with songs for the Jackpots. Perry Ford who was a member of the Eng...

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