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Muskelrock 2016

Salem (US)

There are at least 11 bands that share this name:

1. An experimental band from Michigan, United States
2. An extreme metal band from Isreal
3. An alternative hip-hop band from Washington, United States
4. A post-hardcore band from Florida, United States
5. A heavy metal band from Spain
6. A melodic power metal band from the United States
7. A progressive rock band from Quebec, Canada.
8. A metal band from the United Kingdom
9. A thrash metal band from Slovenia
10. A metal band from Japan
11. An alternative rock band from Denmark

1. SALEM is a US-midwest band from Traverse City, Sound is composed of dark ambient but with elements of shoegaze, psychedelic dubstep and t...

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Diamond Head (UK)

Diamond Head are a British heavy metal band formed in 1976 in Stourbridge, England. They were one of the leading members of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) and are acknowledged by later bands like Metallica and Megadeth as an important early influence.

Formed by school friends Tatler and Harris, the band recorded and released self-financed demo tapes in 1977 and 1979 and with their unique sound and quality of song writing gained enough attention to tour as support with AC/DC and Iron Maiden. A clutch of record companies fought to sign the band, while their first album, variously known as " The White Album" or Lightning to the Nations, was released by the band via mail-order only in 1980 by their own Happy Face Rec...

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Sabbat (JP)

Two artists share this name: a Japanese black/thrash metal and a a British thrash metal band. They are listed in order of prominence:

1) The British Sabbat is a thrash metal band formed out the ashes of two previous high-school bands, 'Hell' and 'Hydra', in May 1985, when vocalist Martin Walkyier and bassist Fraser Craske of Hydra ditched their guitarist (who wished to concentrate on a more melodic style of metal) and hooked up with guitarist Andy Sneap and drummer Simon Negus to form the first Sabbat line-up. After rehearsing for nearly a year they released the "Fragments of a Faith Forgotten" demo, which was very well received, with immediate interest from several record companies and a two-page spread in Kerrang! magazine...

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Metalucifer (JP)

Flight (CA)

There is more than one artist known as Flight, including a progessive rock band from Stockholm, Sweden, an Indie Rock band from Liverpool, England, and a Jazz+World Music band found playing on Bondi beach, Sydney, Australia.

1. Flight (UK) originally grew from the band The Movement and after various personnel changes the line up is David Algeo (Guitar and Vocals), Paul F Jones (Guitars, Keyboards, Electronics), Terrence Cullen (Drums and Electronic percussion) and Bill Davies (Bass guitar and words). All band members hail from Liverpool, England. They have a dark, almost gothic sound punctuated with indie guitars and soaring electronica. They have 3 albums available plus a compilation 'Collage' (available here) on Desolation R...

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