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10 år med Suicide Records


There are at least five Victims:
1) A crust/hardcore punk band from Stockholm, Sweden.
2) A late 70s American punk band from New York City.
3) The third are a brutaldeathcore from Jirkov/Chomutov, Czech Republic
4) An Australian punk band active from 1977-79. (see also: The Victims)
5) A hardcore band from Streamwood, Illinois formerly known as "A Devil For Me".

1) The band started in 1997 and never really planned on doing anything else than playing precise and to the point hardcore. A demo tape was recorded and later released as a seven inch vinyl piece 1999. The first album called Neverendinglasting saw the light of day in 2001. At this time the lin...

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Skraeckoedlan play music that is groovy and heavy, with mostly all of the lyrics in Swedish. The reason for that is that they think that it gives ananother dimension to the sound and psychedelicness.

In late september 2009, Skraeckoedlan recorded their first EP, "Flykten från tellus" (the escape from earth) in the Bombshelter studios in Örebro, with Oskar Cedermalm of Truckfighters as producer / technician.

It's a 5 track EP with an abstract concept about the environmental issues going on, with the polar ices melting, leading to a big horror lizard being awaken from the ice, and beginning to demolish the earth.
And that is also what the name Skraeckoedlan means, horror lizard.

Skraeckoedlan released...

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Herder (NL)

HERDER comes from Groningen, the Netherlands and have been making sludgy stoner doom without compromise since 2010.


CHE : Vocals & Smokes
JB : Guitar & Sunn
MARC: Bass & Doom
JEROEN : Guitar & Blaze
TOM : Drums & Fashion Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Totem Skin

Totem Skin were a sludge-influenced dark hardcore band from the Falun/Borlänge region of Sweden. Their self-recorded, self-titled debut album was released in August 2012. It is available, name your price, at For more information, visit: Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Ortega (NL)

There are at least 3 artists using the name Ortega.

1) Ortega is a four-piece sludge/doom collective from The North of The Netherlands. Four men tell a tale of the sea which is told in a broad and visual manner. the sound is best described as dark metal balanced with spheric soundscapes together with slow and heavy riffs.

The band was formed in 2008 and has been playing local stages ever since. 2009 saw the release of their first recording, a promo containing 3 songs, and in 2010 their full-length concept album '1634' hit the shelves. The album 1634 was recorded and mixed by JB van der Wal (Dr. Doom, Herder, Aborted), who is also known for his work for Dr. Doom, Greyline, Grinding Halt and Suffering Quota.
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