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Blood of Serpents

BLOOD OF SERPENTS was formed in the beginning of 2012 in Virserum, Sweden by Guitarist: Fredrik Nilsson and (as of then) drummer: Kristian Roupe,who started writing song´s from the get go.
They quickly teamed up with vocalist: Rodney Gutierrez-Cortez,and started to complete what would end up as the first EP: Leave You To The Flies,produced by Lars Broddesson (drummer in swedish black metal band MARDUK)
the EP was released august 5th 2012.

Bassist Benny Åkeson joined the band in the summer of 2012,and the band started to work on new songs,and again went in to the studio with producer Lars, to record the EP: M.M.F.M (Mind Made For Murder) released january 22nd 2013.
In the spring of 2013 Kristian turned away the d...

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