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Dead Congregation (GR)

Formed in 2004 in Athens, Greece, Dead Congregation focus on lacking aspects in today’s death metal bands/releases: feeling, spirit, atmosphere and quality. Since forming, they have released 2 full-length albums, 2 EPs and a split 7" with Hatespawn. They also run their own record label, Martyrdoom Productions.

The band is highly praised for their live performances, having shared the stage with many well-established metal acts including Sodom, Interment, Deströyer 666, Incantation, Grave Miasma, Primordial, Gorgoroth, Watain and many others. Read more on . User-contributed text i...

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Bastard Grave

Bastard Grave is a Swedish death metal band from Helsingborg, Sweden. Formed in 2012. Signed to Pulverised Records in late 2014. They have a demotape, called Unmarked Grave released October 2014 and a debut full length in the works... Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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The Dead