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Tuxedomoon (US)

Tuxedomoon is an experimental avant-garde/post-punk/new wave group formed in San Francisco, California consisting of core members Blaine L. Reininger, Steven Brown and Peter Principle.

Formed in 1977 by multi-instrumentalists Reininger and Brown, then two students of electronic music at San Francisco City College, with technical assistance from video artist Tommy Tadlock, Tuxedomoon started playing salons and accompanying performances by The Angels of Light, a San Francisco based, radical theater troup. Brown's connections to local theater gave the band access to vocalists Gregory Cruikshank, Victoria Lowe, and, most frequently, Winston Tong. The band gained some level of recognition in 1978 when they opened for Devo. Michael ...

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Njurmännen was an highly regarded underground electronic band active in Sweden during the 80's and early 90's. It was formed by Magnuz Axelsson (Brunst), Johan Lindén and Anders Göransson in 1983. Among the former band members were Jonas Skoglund, Bo Davidsson and Peter Andersson, who later founded the dark ambient project Deutsch Nepal.

One of the band's early songs also gave the name for the swedish industrial, martial and dark ambient label Cold Meat Industry.

The band was renamed to Rotten Beak in the 90's and finally broke up in 1997.
The band reformed as UKON & Njurmännen in 2006 with the members Magnuz Axelsson, Anders Göransson, Jonas Ingvarsson, Max Ventitre and Ulf Karl Olov Nilsson (UKON) and do occa...

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