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Coola Kids

Coola Kids was founded by Pontus Anderssen former solo artist "Skrattattack" when he met hip-hop artist Serhat Demirok "Beatzzeria" on Swedish electronic music festival "Emmabodafestivalen" of 2014.
Their music focuses on merging the world of electronic pop and hip-hop together, and in the span of less than a year the successfully played for thousands of people on clubs and festivals around Sweden.
Their first released single "Ligga Med Nils" (2015) became a viral hit with over 250'000 plays on Spotify. "Håll Käften EP" was released early 2016 with 5 new songs, among them "Grillkrydda" that have been popularized through Facebook, furthermore collaborations with artists like Far & Son, Miss Rafiki & Dunderpatrullen became an fac...

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