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Charlotte Perrelli

Charlotte Perrelli (born Charlotte Nilsson on October 7, 1974, in Hovmantorp, Sweden) is a Swedish singer. She is most famous for winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 1999 with Take Me To Your Heaven. Perrelli won Melodifestivalen 2008 and represented Sweden once again in the Eurovision Song Contest with Hero. She has released six albums as of 2008, four in English and two in Swedish.

Charlotte Perrelli is a Swedish singer and occasional television host, perhaps most famous for winning the 1999 Melodifestivalen and subsequently that year's Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Take Me to Your Heaven". Since then she has released six singles and five albums. Perrelli once again won Melodifestivalen 2008 and represented Swede...

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Magnus Carlsson

Magnus Carlsson (born June 24, 1974, in Borås, Sweden) is a Swedish singer. He was lead singer of the dansband Barbados for eleven years. In 2002 he became the fourth member of the Swedish pop-disco band Alcazar. He is now a solo artist. Carlsson has participated in Melodifestivalen (Swedish preselection for the Eurovison Song Contest) every year between 2000 and 2007, except in 2004, either with Barbados, Alcazar, or solo. In 2006 he qualified for the Melodifestivalen final with Lev livet! composed by Anders Glenmark and Niklas Strömstedt. He competed as a solo artist again in Melodifestivalen 2007 with Live forever but didn’t reach the final.
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Elisa Lindström

Eva "Elisa" Lindström (born 24 April 1991, Töreboda, Sweden) is a Swedish singer of country and pop music, and in dansbands. She is currently the lead singer for the dansband, Elisa's.

As part of the music group Lali, she participated in Lilla Melodifestivalen in 2005, where their song titled "Du får ta mitt hjärta" (You can take my heart) finished in sixth place overall.The song was co-written by Elisa herself and her sister Alma Lindström.

The band Elisa's was formed in 2009 by Lindström and others from the same musical education program in a school in Skövde. In 2010, Lindström and her danceband Elisa's got national attention competing in the SVT danceband reality competition show Dansbandskampen (meaning the bat...

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