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Fred Alpi

Monsieur Fred ALPI was born in Sweden in the early 60ties and after liiving in Bruxelles and Berlin he settled down in Paris in the early 90ties.
From his youth on he played in different punk bands and in Berlin joined Sprung aus den Wolken and even sang in the metro in Paris. Nowadays he is aside from his solo activities as well a member of the street punk band Brigada Flores Magon.
His newest album "Se reposer ou être libre", his third one, will be published by the independent label Nidstang on the 19th of February 2007.
It contains of 10 brand new songs and 4 newly recorded one's for this album in "duo-acoustique". He is accompanied by Monsier Gilles FEGEANT on guitar.
His texts are dealing with his flaming lov...

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