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Boner (FI)

There are at least 3 artist known as Boner:

(1) Boner,P. Kinoli, the artist from Hansbeke, Belgium, is making music sinds 2003. After a few years there is a crew named Breakmess wich he is a member from.
They throw parties in and around Ghent.
Many artists allready came (drop the lime, knifehandchop, FFF, clash of the titans, zombieflesheater, sickboy, Rinse, sickest squad, cardiak, ...)

Nowadays Boner is trying some new styles, but the hardcore love is still alive!
Check or for some sounds

(2) Punk Band from New Zealand

(3) The artist Boner, who’s Christian name is James Robert Finley, grew up in a small town, Asheville, NC. He s...

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