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Mindless Sinner

Mindless Sinner was a Swedish heavy metal band formed around 1981 in Linköping.
The first line-up of Mindless Sinner were Christer Göransson (vocals), Magnus Danneblad (guitar), Anders Karlsson (guitar), Magnus van Wassenaar (bass) and Tommy Johansson (drums). At this time though, the band was known as Purple Haze. After a while they changed the name to Genocide, which is a song by Judas Priest (whom they were heavily influenced by).

Later in 1981, the band made their first live performance as warm-up to another Swedish band called Axewitch. The band played on and became more and more well known in their hometown.

But in 1982, Magnus van Wassenaar decided to quit the band. Instead of taking in a new bassplayer,...

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