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Rouwaida Attieh (SY)

Syrian vocalist Rouwaida Attieh (Arabic: رويدا عطية) was the first runner-up on the first season of Superstar, the pan-Arab import of Pop Idol. Along with Lebanese contestant Melhem Zein, she was a favorite to win the contest, which was won by Jordanian contestant Diana Karazon.

Rouwaida has quickly risen to fame thanks to the sheer power of her voice, and her skill in using it. Her deep and expressive voice helps her excel in the classical Arabic tarab style and the Levantine dabke style. She has worked with countless Arab musical giants, such as Lebanese composer Imad Shamseddine (credited with most of Najwa Karam's success), Lebanese legend Wadih El Safi, and Egyptian composer Salah El Sharnoubi (credited with much of Warda...

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