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Bohumir Stehlik

Bohumír Stehlík was born in 26.1.1990 in Prague. Primary music education was gained in the music school of Prague under the command of prof. Jan Tůma. During this time he won the contest “Karlovarská ružička” (1999). He took part in the competition “Prague Junior Note” (1999, 2000, 2003), where each time he won the laureat title. In a competition of music ensembles at Vysoké Mýto he got absolute victory in the year 2001.

After five years at primary school he transferred to the Gymnasium of Jan Neruda with musical survey, where he is currently studying under the patronage of Mgr. Irina Kondratěnko. In November 2005 he took part in the international piano competition “Virtuosi per Musica di Pianoforte” where won first prize as w...

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