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Mange Schmidt

Mange Schmidt has been in the game for awhile but never made such a big noise for himself. He grew up in Stockholm where he started to listen to Hiphop as soon as it got to sweden in the 80's. The first record he ever bought was "The Message," a 12" with the text on the back of the record. It was a masterpiece.

He is mostly know for the album, "Greatest Hits", in which he performs covers of american rap songs with Swedish lyrics. The album was passed on in mixtapes during the late 1990s - 2000. An example is that he made The Notorious B.I.G.'s "Warning" to "Varnind," which was the first track on the album and was the inspiration to do the album in the first place. Another example of albums on that first album is his cover of D...

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Thomas Rusiak

Erik Thomas Rusiak (Swedish pronunciation: {ˈruːʂak}; born 8 November 1976) is a Swedish rapper, hip hop producer, musician and singer. Rusiak's father was the rather prominent Polish jazz saxophonist, Alfred Banasiak. Initially a member of the Stockholm-based hiphop group Sherlock and later closely associated with the popular Swedish rapper Petter, whom Rusiak worked with as a producer and occasional supporting rapper. Rusiak launched his solo career in 2000 with several prominent Swedish artists contributing to his debut album Magic Villa. Some of these were Titiyo, Teddybears Sthlm and award winning producer Christian Falk.

His most succesfull song is Hiphopper (feat Teddybears STHLM), a version of Teddybears STHLM's "Punkr...

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