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Olle Nyman

Olle Nyman was born the 8th of July 1982; on the very day 60 years after that Louis Armstrong left New Orleans in favour of Chicago. What this really has to do with his future career nobody really knows. Maybe it has a connection, maybe it hasn't. Probably not, but… what a heck. As a son to the Norrbottnian legend in theatres; Harry Nyman and the voice master; Stina Andersson, Olle had his road pretty much laid out anyhow.

After his teenage years as a member of numerous hardcore band in his hometown of Luleå, he begun playing with his older brother Kalle and a number of local gangsters and started up a band. Playing with is only in a musical sense, by the way. Together they wrote the song "It's Alright". Then they were busted....

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