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Megiddo (CA)

There are at least 4 bands named Megiddo.

1) Canada’s Megiddo would spring up from nowhere to release the critically acclaimed “The Devil And The Whore” in 2000. Megiddo play aggressive “old-school” black metal clearly influenced by the first wave. With a head crushing tone and a certain flare for catchy yet purpose-driven songwriting, to most ears, Megiddo sounds fresh in an era of clone bands.


Hymns To The Apocalypse Demo, 1998
The Heretic Demo, 1999
The Final War Best of/Compilation, 1999
The Devil and the Whore Full-length, 2000
Apocalyptic Raids Split, 2001
The Atavism Of Evil Full-length, 2002
Blessed by the Goat/Sadomatic Rites Split, 2003

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