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Mgła (PL)

Mgła is a black metal project formed in 2000, using rather rough and organic forms of expression within the genre. This is a personal aesthetic preference and conviction that this type of sound can fulfill their vision the best. Conceptual content ranges from nihilism to mysticism and provides comments rather than statements.

Mgła had not performed live for their first 10 years of existence, operating as a studio project only. This changed in 2012 and they've since been performing roughly once per month. A primary reason for playing live is will to perform music in a complete band setting. An attempt was made after Kriegsmaschine essentially became a studio project; roles switched as Kriegsmaschine used to operate as a “band” ...

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Vorum (FI)

VORUM is a death metal band hailing from Ahvenanmaa, Finland and came to existence in the winter of 2006. The three members J.Johansson, M. Jalava and M. Josefsson started rehearsing almost daily and began focusing on writing songs. After a while the band (then under the moniker of Haudankaivaja) did a demo in the summer of 2007 wich contained 7 songs and was recorded by M. Josefssons brother Jesper. This demo was never officially released. The band played a few gigs in Mariehamn and in late February of 2008, Vorum went to Panu Posti to record a new demo that later came to gather some attention. The demo of 2008 was well received in reviews on internet fanzines like imperiumi. net but as well in magazines such as Miasma, and a few cd-r d...

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