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Blå Brigader

Blå Brigader (Swedish for "Blue Brigades") is a viking rock band from Nyköping, Sweden. Founded in 2000 they have featured on four Carolus Rex compilations and released three albums of their own. Virtually all of their songs have Swedish lyrics.

Currently unsigned they are on tour. They have their own MySpace page, with touring information, at


2001 - Carolus Rex 5 (compilation)
2002 - Carolus Rex 6 (compilation)
2003 - Sagan Kung och tron (Ultima Thule Records)
2004 - Carolus Rex 7 (compilation)
2006 - Carolus Rex 8 (compilation)
2006 - Fallfördärv (Ultima Thule Records)
2009 - Glömskans sista timmar (Ultima Thule Records) Read more ...

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