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Tomas Andersson

Tomas Andersson joined Ellen Allien's BPitch Control label as a bright new hope in techno, and his first BPitch release called "Rock Acid" was something of a summer club anthem in Germany. In 2005 he got a massive response with the release of "Washing Up" on BPitch, with a remix from Canadian superstar DJ Tiga: the playful, exuberant electro-rave track was named as the track of the year by many DJs and music journalists, and was later licensed by the UK's Skint label.

Tomas's debut album "Hem ljuva hem" was released under his Sven Andersson alter ego on UCMG's techno label Longhaul, and was a big UK hype-hit, with literally every UK dance music magazine calling his tracks "single of the month", "hit", and so forth.

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