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JD McPherson (US)

Jonathan David "JD" McPherson, born April 14, 1977, is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. He is known for a retro sound rooted in the rock and roll, rhythm and blues, and rockabilly music of the 1950s.

McPherson grew up in rural southeastern Oklahoma, on a cattle ranch near the town of Talihina. His father was a farmer and ex-army while his mother was a church minister. He took up the guitar at age 13. In high school he played in a number of local punk rock bands and began writing his own songs. He has stated that he has never not been in a band of some sort since he was 16 years of age.

During this time, McPherson also developed a strong interest in 1950s rock and roll after be...

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Jake La Botz (US)

Jake La Botz was conceived while his parents listened to a record by Texas bluesman and sharecropper Mance Lipscomb.

Raised in the city of Chicago, Jake was exposed to its thriving multicultural music scene early on. He attended public school through the ninth grade and then discovered punk rock. The punk scene was a natural place for a misfit kid to end up in the 80s. He identified with the emotional rawness of the music and got a feeling of belonging somewhere. He later got that same feeling hanging around with some of the bluesmen. La Botz moved around the country working construction jobs, hanging out at punk shows, hobo camps and libraries. At 16 he started banging on a guitar...

Whenever back in Chicago, he sp...

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There are more than one artist/artists with the name Fatboy

1. Fatboy is a swedish Alternative/ Rockabilly / Country group.
Fatboy are back with a new collection of adorable melodies. This time Thomas Pareigis, Hannu Kiviaho, Jan Lissnils, Alf Östlund, Joakim Lindahl and Marcus Källström decided to go a little further into the mine, deeper down under ground. Together they generated rivers of sweat before they found the finest rock diamonds of them all. The six-piece delivers the kind of amazing songs that even make legendary film directors like Tim Burton and Quentin Tarantino wanting to use the bands music in their upcoming movies.

The distinctive mix of rockabilly, country and rock’n’roll that has made ...

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Jungle Jim (AU)

Artist Profile

In 1997 we reviewed the album 'Everything Is Everything' by Sean Johnson, better known as Jungle Jim. We were impressed by the man's effort: "a roots singer with a real good, appealing voice and enough uplifting conscious lyrics... Jungle Jim is truly well worth checking out and hopefully we're going to be hearing a lot of him".

Jungle Jim was born into a musically oriented family and while attending the Ardenne High School in Kingston, Jamaica, young Sean started honing his musical skills and was soon broadening his repertoire at Sugar Minott's famous 'Youthman Promotion' studio. This was ...

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