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Fritz's Corner

The Flamin' Groovies (US)

The Maharajas

The Maharajas was formed in the late '90s by Jens Lindberg with the intention of playing Greek-inspired moody '60s music. Lindberg, who was formally in bands such as Crimson Shadows, Stomachmouths, Highspeed V and Blind Shag etc., he was looking for a new take on the genre. The first Maharajas album came out in 1998, a 10" 8-track album on the Italian label Teen Sound Records called "Something moody... & groovy!" In the beginning the band saw some members come and go until drummer Anders Öberg brought Ulf Guttormsson in on bass guitar. Together with Pake on organ they released a 7" on Loser Records ("Wait & Wonder") and later on in 2001 ex-Strollers singer Mathias Lilja joined the band after Pake had left. They were now ready for their f...

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