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Susie Asado (DE)

Susie Asado is a poem by Gertrude Stein. This Susie Asado is Josepha Conrad. She is not a poem although she likes to write them. She also likes Gertrude Stein. So much is apparent. You might know her from Crazy for Jane. You might know her from the park. You might have seen her in the movie Berlin Song. Josepha writes songs and she will sing them for you. Happily.

In the Susie Asado bio, Conrad writes: "Susie Asado started in February 2007. I was terrified of performing by myself, or revealing what a lousy musician I am without my brother next to me making everything sound good. So I challenged myself to do something on my own. Two fellow women musicians: SkirtandMusic for your Heartinvited me to do a show with them at Antje ...

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