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Ambush (IE)

There are at least 7 bands named "Ambush"

[1] The most well-known is Swedish heavy metal band formed in 2012 in Växjö. They released their first full-length in 2014, entitled "Firestorm."

[2] German now defunct hardcore band from Berlin, released at least three albums, three ep's and one demo. They started as hardcore band with agresive style of music with a little touch of sludge core. Later became their music more experimental with touches of ethno and industrial music ("Lach!") and post-rock ("Pigs"). Ambush toured Europe together with Rorschach (US) in the first half of nineties. Rorschach's bass guitarist Tom Rusnak later joyned Ambush and recorded with them all records after their straight hardcore era. For di...

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