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Magda Andersson


Hazel the Nut (DE)

Devil May Care (DE)

There are several bands with this name

1) Devil May Care A heavy hardcore metal comedy band from Poughkipsee, NY. Features members of Dissolve, and All Out War. They play every once in a while and have been around since the late 1990's.

2) Devil May Care Melodic Black Metal band from Russia. Also known as Devil-may-care

3) Devil May Care Standard Alt-Rock/Hard Rock with a female lead singer
Aleah X -vocals
David Angstrom -guitars
Paul Dmytrewycz -guitars
Mark Hendricks -bass
Chris Leathers -drums
Atlanta's Devil May Care creates powerfully melodic music underscoring the often intense and deeply personal lyrics of singer Aleah X. Their debut album, Delicate contains 10 track...

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