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Selvhenter (DK)

Danish all-female quartet Selvhenter is using material from extreme noise, free jazz and creative rock to build a sound and energy that is giving new perspectives on alternative music.
The energy of rock with free improvisation and noise and is quickly becoming one of the most
exciting new experimental bands in Europe: explosive textures are being provided by the horns, both being played through huge amplifiers and a variety of foot pedals to guarantee a maximum of distortion, a massive sound being propelled by the two powerhouse drummers. It has made them
popular at both jazz and rock festivals around Scandinavia.

SELVHENTER is: Sonja LaBianca (saxophone), Maria Bertel (trombone),
Maria Diekmann (violin),...

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Sam Gopal

Born in Malaysia, Sam Gopal started to learn to play Tablas from the age of seven.
Came to London to study in 1962.
1965/66 he started the SAM GOPAL DREAM with Mick Hutchinson on guitar, Pete Sears on bass, and Andy Clark (Keyboards) joined a little bit later. In 1967 recorded a few tracks for Screen Gems with Gus Dudgeon as engineer.

In 1968 started the next band SAM GOPAL with Lemmy.(guitar/ vocals), Roger D'Elia (guitar) and Phil Duke on bass. Recorded an album "Escalator" for Stable Records. Were managed by Robert Stigwood. Also recorded a Single "Horse" / "Back Door Man" .

In 1969 started the next band, also called SAM GOPAL, with Alan Mark (vocals), Mox Gowland (harmonica & flutes), Micky Finn Walle...

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Måns Månsson