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Back2Back Presententerar: AMOSS (Dispatch/UK) - FREE ENTRY

Amoss (UK)


JNB in an electrometal band from Prague.
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1. Raz is Raz Kfir from Israel, a master of psytrance. His debut album Twisted Fairytale on SunDance Records offers us new perspectives into powerful melodic trance. His music is filled to the brim with power, ecstatic emotion and brooding atmosphere, layered with bass lines so phat you can carve your Sunday roast on them. The melodies are unique & rich and uplifting, and some also take on a distinctive sinister dark edge…producing a war inspired apocalyptic “The world is ending” vibe.

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2. A pseudonym of House producer Ralphi Rosario. Raz's most successful track is 'Amour Puerto Riqueno (Puerto Rican Lover)' released on DJ International Records. Read more on

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