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Bleeding Utopia

Started as a side project in 2003 by Andreas Moren(Dead Awaken, ex Astral Carneval) and Erik Stenström(ex Soulbreach).
BU did some small recordings and a few live gigs…
…but in the summer of 2009 Andreas decided to take it further,
To take it from a project to a 110% band.
He asked his old friend and drummer Lawrence Dinamarca
(ex Astral Carneval, Loch Vostok), Henrik Wenngren (ex Vicious, ex Skyfire),
David Ahlén (ex The Enthalled, ex Platina, Hermafroditerna) to join to band.

BU started to rehears as crazy and made song after song after song.

In the spring of 2010 Joakim Bergros (ex The Masses, Neb___üla) joined as a second guitarist.
BU booked a couple of gigs and recorded a 4...

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The autumn of 2003, five youths decided to perform in front of the school audience before the Christmas break. The band agreed to play For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica. In the beginning they jocularly called themselves “Vansinne” (swedish for "Insanity"). Vansinne had a lot of fun together, though half of the band couldn’t really handle their instruments. In the summer of 2004, it was time to graduate for Zibell, Landerholm and Björck. As a result to this, the band was left without a place to rehearse (since the band used to play in the school’s assembly hall.) A couple of months later Vansinne found themselves a new rehearsal place in Slussen, Kungsör. They experimented with some songs written by themselves and performed them live a...

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