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Me the Tiger

Doojiman & the Exploders

Vile Electrodes (UK)

Vile Electrodes initially formed through a mutual affection for early synthpop, delta blues, rock n roll and miserable indie bands, but their sound has probably been equally influenced by fetish porn, crap dead-end jobs. And an unhealthy obsession with analogue synthesizers.

They began as a duo, have picked up and lost various people along the way and now exist as a 2/3/4 piece (in terms of human content) according to the time of day, the direction of the wind and the position of the stars.

Band members may or may not consist of the following:

Anais Neon
Vincent Electron
Suki Maverick
Anna Dominoes
Nobby Twiddler
Korg MS20
Yamaha CS15
Moog Rogue
Roland Juno 6

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