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Roxanne (CA)

There are more than one artist named "Roxanne".

1) Roxanne is an Italo-eurobeat artist. Her real name is Elena Gobbi.
Roxanne released the singles "Show Me", "Song 4 U", "Love Love Fire", "Money Money" and "Without You".

2) Roxanne is an Euro disco artist from Germany. She released the singles "Charlene", "Give A Little Love" and "Boys In Black Cars". All singles produced by Tony Hendrik and Karin Hartmann.

3)Roxanne is an American hardrock band. In 1986 they released their first and only album "Roxanne". Two years later in 1988 it was re-released in Japan as "Burning Through the Night" with a different cover, & a slightly different track listing.

4) Roxanne is Adelaida Martinez, a rapper...

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