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Poliça (US)

Poliça is a synthpop band from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA which formed in 2011. The band consists of Channy Leaneagh (vocals, synthesizers), Ryan Olson (production), Chris Bierden (bass), Drew Christopherson (drums) and Ben Ivascu (drums). The band has issued three albums: Give You the Ghost (2012), Shulamith (2013) and United Crushers (2016).

The band was formed by Olson and Leaneagh following their involvement in the soft rock supergroup Gayngs. Their debut album, Give You the Ghost, was released on February 14,2012, and received praise from critics; including Grammy winner band Bon Iver's founder Justin Vernon,who told Rolling Stone: "They're the best band I've ever heard." Four singles were released from the album includ...

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Phoria (UK)

Phoria is a five-piece band from Brighton, England. The band consist of Trewin Howard (vocals), Jeb Hardwick (guitar, visuals), Ed Sanderson (keyboard, vocals), Tim Douglas (bass, synth), and Seryn Burden (Drums).

Phoria released their debut EP Yourself Still in August 2010 as a pay-what-you-want download.

In 2013 the EP Bloodworks was released physically and via iTunes. The hit single 'Red' and accompanying video earned over 100,000 plays on the band's Soundcloud account in only a few days, introducing the band to an international fan community. The EP showed a clear evolution from Yourself Still, introducing elements of electronica and modern pop. Bloodworks was released through London tastemaker label Akira recor...

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