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Laura Stevenson (US)

Laura Stevenson is a name of at least two artists:

[1] From Long Island, USA.
[2] From Belfast, Northern Ireland.

[[b]1] A singer / songwriter from Long Island, USA, who is also a member of Laura Stevenson and the Cans (aka Laura Stevenson & the Cans). She debuted with '... and the Cans' A Record (Oct 2008, Asian Man - aka '... & the Cans' A Record).

Stevenson was born and raised on Long Island into a family of mariners and music makers. She spent many of her younger days on the sugar barges of NY harbor with her father and uncles, who all made their living on the water, at one time running one of the largest fleets on the Hudson. Meanwhile, her mother’s parents were successful musicians; Harry Simeo...

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