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Promoe (Mårten Edh) is a Swedish emcee, and member of Swedish hip-hop group, Looptroop Rockers.
Promoe has released five albums, quite a few 12"s and also many singles with Astma&Rockwell which you can download for free on Promoe's albums to date are: Government Music, Long Distance Runner, White Man's Burden, Standard Bearer and the newest one is Kråksången which is in swedish. The label is Looptroops own, David versus Goliath (DvsG) since 1998, which is distributed through Burning Heart. Soundism has given their sound treatment to most of Promoe's recent releases.

Promoe got regonition from the first of the albums but increasingly so with the second album, which made the charts properly, in Sweden ...

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Mange Hellberg



Vicious may refer to:

1) The Brooklyn-born Jamaican rapper, Lil' Vicious, onetime protégé of Doug E. Fresh. In 1994, Vicious dropped the "Lil" from his name and released one album, Destination Brooklyn.

2) A "graveyard rock" metal band.

*Hailing from Gold Coast, Australia, VICIOUS formed in January '96. Initially they were influenced by all the classic bands of the punk genre (Ramones, Exploited, Misfits, Sex Pistols etc.) but through the years have broadened their sound to develop their own unique style which also incorporates elements of streetpunk/oi!, and dirty rock a la Motorhead, Dwarves, Zeke, Turbonegro etc. Now as it stands they have a good variety of songs in their set, mixing fast heavy thrashe...

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Ayla Shatz