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Grandmaster's Furious 5 (US)

Mele Mel

Melvin Jones known to the world as MELE MEL "The Poetic Prophet" is an artist/songwriter whose passion is to minister the word of God via Christian hip-hop. A true lover of Christ, he tries to live his life according to God's word realizing that one of the most powerful forms of ministry is to lead by example. He was raised in Morgan projects in Pittsburgh, Pa where seemingly there was a black cloud and not a hint of God’s presence. A self-described “ex-knucklehead”, he was a slave to drug dealing, alcoholism and every other aspect the streets had to offer a faithless child. At age 20 Mele Mel was forced out on his own and relocated a considerable distance from home and any familiar faces. It was at the end of that one year period that G...

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There are several Scorpios.

The most prominent one is a collaboration between Bristol drum n' bass producers Roni Size and DJ Die.

Another Scorpio is Panos Kanoutas, a Greek electronic producer from Corfu Island with a dark emotional electro techno style. While taking his piano lessons he was co-organizing and developing a unique experimental percussion project in Greece (rock bands, jazz, etc..)

Moving from Corfu to Athens to study Music Technology and Sound Engineering he meets Leon Segka from “Ntrop Recordings”, unleashing the first releases as Scorpio. After his debut album “Elektra’s Eyes” on Ntrop Recordings, Scorpio starts to release his music through international labels. After several singles and...

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